Master Community IB&M

Cyclecember & Bike Rave
van totaal € 1.000 (9%)

We are the master community of International Business and Management at the University of Groningen.

As COVID-19 has brought an extreme amount of isolation for individuals it is with great importance that as a community we want to raise awareness for such an important topic, that is Mental health.

Mental health is an issue which is becoming more and more prevalent and talked about especially due to these uncertain times.

As a group of master’s students, it is now our time for us to come together, act and to do something good. This December we have launched a campaign to raise money for Mind.

This will be done through the title of ‘Cyclecember and Bike rave’ where each participant will continue to keep active through December by cycling for the month and organising a night lights bike rave. This is a way as a community we can come together and do something good for the world.

We as a masters community would like to thank you for donating to such a fantastic cause and appreciate all the awareness! Feel free to join us being active this December. 

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